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amazon's sex stash Hidden deep within the stacks at is a wonderful selection of smut. Start at Amazon's home page. Click on the Books tab. Click on Nonfiction in the Browse menu. Click on Social Sciences in the menu that follows. See it? Between the Popular Culture and Reference sections? It's a list of Amazon customers' favorite porn. Actually, most of the books are about porn. To find the explicit stuff, you have to visit lists such as Health, Body & Mind / Sex and Literature & Fiction / Genre / Erotica. Here's a peek at what Amazon customers have been reading in bed:


No. 1

Other Reads

Snappy comment

Sociology / Pornography

Amazon Sex Book 2

Making of
an X-Rated Video
The last title on this list is Amazon's 51,953rd overall. That's a bestseller? Apparently we need more books about porn.

Sex / General

Amazon Sex Book 2

How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure
Two of the top titles — The Multi-Orgasmic Man and I'm Not in the Mood: What Every Woman Should Know About Improving Her Libido — cancel each other.

Sex / Psychology

Amazon Sex Book 3

The Fine Art of Erotic Talk
It's a mystery how kooky stuff such as The Centerfold Syndrome (which argues that looking at pin-ups leads to dysfunction) outsells Masters & Johnson. No wonder we're screwed up.

Sex / Christian

Amazon Sex Book 8

What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality
Just thinking about religion and sex in the same room is a huge turn-on. Naughty Adam! Naughty Eve!

Sex / Alternative

Amazon Sex Book 4

Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex
Most of these bestsellers cater to the bondage crowd, although two are about bestiality (Dearest Pet and The Horseman). Also, The Bottoming Book edged out The Topping Book. Someone's gonna pay for that.


Amazon Sex Book 5

Best American Erotica 2008
No pictures. Damn.

Sex / Manuals

Amazon Sex Book 6

Tickle Your Fancy and 101 Sexy Dares
Further down the list you'll find Raising Sexually Pure Kids, which instructs parents on how to keep kids from touching themselves. Shouldn't that be on the anti-sex bestseller list?

Relationships/ Mate Seeking

Amazon Sex Book 2

101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged
Don't get caught reading this at the coffee shop.

Rankings current as of 01/11/2011.

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